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Claim Your Blog –  Technorati Claim Token

My Technorati claim token is :  7H88XRRU3FYU

Technorati is a blog search engine and the claim code is given to you when you register or claim a blog on the site. When you get your claim token you have to write a post containing the code to prove that you are the author of the blog you are claiming. This allows people to claim multiple blogs without allowing people to falsely claim blogs that belong to someone else.

Why should I claim my blog?

Claiming your blog will add it to Technorati’s Blog Directory, in the categories you specify, and will let you see links from sites in our index to your blog. You can also specify tags for your blog, and it will appear in the lists of blogs on our Tag pages for those tags. If there are links to your blog, we will track your Technorati Authority over time Your claimed blog will also appear on your public profile page, so anyone who views that page (perhaps clicking through from a comment you make) will see it